The Outfit Fairy


You know what I hate?  I mean, besides when Subway accidentally gets a rogue onion chunk mixed in with the lettuce of my sandwich and I bite into it and retch a bit.  Well, I hate mornings. I don’t even hate them just because I have to get up early to the sound of my local disk jockeys making jokes, I hate them because they’re so darn rushed.

First my alarm goes off, that is, if my four year old hasn’t come in and pounced on my bed already and dug her cold feet into my knee backs.  (what’s the right term for knee backs?  underknees?  kneepits?  meh, someone knows, but not me).  Then my husband and I argue over who has to get up and shower first and I win (which means I get to stay in bed while he showers) but I don’t REALLY win because my daughter wants breakfast and I have to go turn the espresso maker on so it can warm up.

Then suddenly… BOOM!  I’m making lunches because I didn’t bother making them the night before, I’m waking up my seven year old who’s suddenly turned into sleeping beauty (and conveniently, reading too late beauty at night), I’m trying to remember to get dressed myself and brush my teeth, I forget to make my own breakfast, I’m hassling the kids to hurry up and eat and get dressed and brush their teeth.  I’m making sure their school bags are packed with library books and permission slips and spare underwear.

So I discovered a while back one little thing that has shaved some time off of my morning.  Preparing clothes in advance.  I used to have to comb through laundry piles and drawers looking for clean socks for them to wear and it was so stressful!  Now on Sundays as I fold the laundry, I simply organize their clothes into piles.  Each pile has a top, a bottom, socks and underwear.  I then clamp them all together in one of those pants hangers, sort them by kid, and hang them all in the closet.  Then each morning the kids get to go into the closet and pick an outfit that the outfit fairy magically left there for them.

Now, I don’t pretend to be perfect so you can see that their clothes aren’t perfectly straight etc etc but they match(ish) and they’re clean(ish) so it’ll do for me.


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