Why I Ditched My Junk Drawer

I wonder when the junk drawer came into existence, and how we all manage to have one without even questioning it.  I know I did, I know my parents did.  It was filled with the most miscellaneous stuff, rubber bands, twist ties, bottle openers, magnets, paper clips.  I even went as far as getting little tray dividers and every so often would try to organize everything by department but eventually (and eventually being about 2 days later in this case) the whole thing would end up like one big mish mash of clutter.  The place where you shove everything that you don’t want to deal with.

My kitchen isn’t very large and drawer space is at a premium so I decided one day, about a year ago, to ditch my junk drawer.  I thought about it and tried to remember what was in there that I actually used more than once every couple of months.  I came up with scissors, rubber bands and pens.  Everything else I found a separate home for or tossed.  The stuff I use I just stuck in a jar and put it on a shelf.  And you know what, not once have I missed that drawer.

Now maybe my next project should be making my junk jar a little prettier.  🙂


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