The Crafting Olympics

Why do I do this to myself?  Somebody please tell me.  So my wee girl is turning 6 in a month and is right now obsessed with two things: Trolls and Harry Potter.  Of course she decided that what she wants more than anything is a Harry Potter costume (complete with working magical wand and invisibility cloak but that’s another issue).  Well, one of her favorite components of that costume is the scarf.

Do you think I could just go ahead and order a scarf?  No.  No, I could not.  I, for some reason, have a complete road block when it comes to buying things I know I can make.  Even if making them involves spending just as much or possibly even more money and also countless hours of my time.

Next best bet: make her an easy scarf out of fleece, or felt.  Nope, can’t do that either.  Even though it would only take me an evening and be pretty inexpensive and she’ll probably lose it or get bored of it in a week, I still can’t do it.  Why not?  Because I’m crazy.  And because I’ve decided to knit one.  So here we go, I have one month to make this scarf, double sided, medium weight, while working full time, raising my family, taking care of my house, and doing the many other craft projects I can’t not do.  Check in to see if I make it in time!  Wish me luck!

Progress Pic: Day one.  I pushed through a lot today because I need to see progress to stay motivated.  This scarf is supposed to have 21 color blocks and then fringe.  one block done!


Progress Pic: Day seven.  I could no longer just work on it when the kids were not around so I pulled it out yesterday and managed to convince my daughter that I’m making myself a blanket for my feet at night.  I think she bought it, and then she asked if I could use the yarn to make her a scarf when I’m done since it looks like Harry Potter colours.  hahaha.




I did it!  It took me two weeks of obsessive knitting and I also shortened the pattern by quite a bit because it was getting very long and my little munchkin is short.  I hope she likes it!  Now I’m thinking with my spare time before her birthday, I should make a Harry Potter doll!!  Why do I do this???