Printable Doll Clothes!!

I just had to share this fun thing that I discovered on Etsy!  Doll clothes, made out of paper!  I know, at first you probably think I’m loopy because doll clothes are fabric silly, NOT paper.  But hear me out.  Fabric doll clothes are a pain to make and expensive to buy and then they lose them.  So, to tide them over while I procrastinate making more doll clothes, and instead of them just cutting a hole in a sheet and going toga style like I did when I was little, you have this alternative!


They’re cute, they’re SUPER easy to use, and your kids can cut them out and tape them on all they like.  Now, I admit that on our first go, we weren’t perfect, there are some split seams and some crusty looking edges but the kids had so much fun with them.

The one above was a free trial version from  We had so much fun that I decided to order her huge package of them off of Etsy.  There are SO many in there.  And if you don’t have a colour printer, there are black and white templates that your kids can colour themselves!  Oh, and we only have Ever After High dolls but they do fit Barbies etc etc.

So that’s it, just wanted to share with you how I’m going to spend my Friday night, try not to be too jealous.  😉