Peg Bunnies!

I admit that I have a soft spot for bunnies.  I had two growing up and they were my favorite little pets for a long time.  My husband on the other fan, is no fan of having pet bunnies so I have to settle for making my own.  I mean, of course these are for my children… so here’s what I came up with and some basic directions for making your own!  They were super easy to do and would be a sweet addition to any Easter basket.  🙂


Aren’t they cute??  I can’t give them to my kids for Easter because there’s no way they aren’t going to know I made them.  I do plan on giving them to them tonight and I already know what they’re going to do with them, their favorite Easter game: hiding things around the house for the other to find.  Normally they draw little paper eggs to hide, but I think these bunnies will be a fun addition.

Click for template

So the pegs I used are about 2.25″ tall.  I do realize that they come in all shapes and sizes so you may need to shrink or enlarge the template I’ve drawn for the hat.

The first thing I did was paint the bodies.  I only did one coat of paint and seeing them in the daytime I probably could have done another but I kind of like that weathered look.  You can then seal them with varnish.  I use the soy varnish pictured below.



I then traced the little hat template onto coordinating felt and sewed each of the darts together using a whip stitch.  I also went around the perimeter of the hat with a blanket stitch.  Finally I sewed the ears onto the back of the hat, about halfway up the hat so they poke out the top.



Then it’s just a matter of plunking the hat on the top of the head and gluing it down!  I use a glue gun because it seems to keep them more secure but you have to act really quickly before the glue dries.

I hope you enjoy making little bunnies for your little bunnies!  Happy Easter!!


Peg Doll Travel House

Here’s a little tutorial for a travel toy I designed a couple of years ago.  The idea behind it was pretty simple, I wanted something small that I could keep in my purse for when my kidlets and I were in the car or at the grocery store or doctor’s office, or anywhere that their weak little attention spans could no longer handle.

Like a lot of people, I have a little crush on peg dolls.  I just love how little and solid they are.  So I decided to make a simple playhouse for them to play in and it really did amuse my kids for a decent chunk of time.

Travel house.jpg


Supplies Needed:


-two small peg dolls (the ones used here are around 1.75 inches tall)

-fine felt tipped marker and beeswax/olive oil for dolls

-felt for the following (I use wool blend felt but you could use 100% wool or acrylic):

 main house colour

 windows

 door

 roof

 inside lining

 back pocket

-a 25″ piece of ribbon for tying

-snaps or Velcro

-pins/scissors/washable fabric marker

1. Print the attached pattern pieces. Trace and cut two copies of the main house piece and the side wall piece as well as one copy of the overlap piece out of your main colour. Trace and cut two copies of the roof out of your roof colour. Trace and cut two copies of the door out of your door colour. Trace and cut two copies of the window out of your window colour. Trace and cut one copy of the back pocket. You should have the following:


2. Sew the two roof pieces onto the front and back of the house.



3. Fold the back pocket over one third of the way up and sew to the back of the house as shown.



4. With wrong sides together, sew one side piece to each side of the front piece as shown, try and keep your stitches as close to the edge as possible while still being secure.


5. Sew the back piece to one of the side pieces as shown.


7. Lay the house flat, wrong side down, and pin to the sheet of inside lining.

8. Fold the ribbon in half and tuck it into the exposed side of the house as shown, pin to secure.

9. Cut around the house, leaving some extra fabric so the next step is easier to do.



10. Sew around the entire house, close to the edge, be sure to sew in some extra stitches when you go over the ribbon so it is nice and secure. Trim the lining even with the front side of the house.



11. Sew one window on each side. Cut out an opening in each window.

12. Sew the two door pieces together around all four sides. Sew one side of the door to the front of the house. With a washable fabric marker, trace the door onto the main fabric and sew around the inside of the line as shown. Cut the opening for the door.




13. Place two snap tops on the open side of the door and two snap backs on the overlap piece, making sure to line them up so they will snap together.




14. Now that the house is finished, it’s time to design the people! I like to make a guy and a girl and to give them hair and a face with the fine tip marker. You could make sisters or brothers or whatever you like. I also coat mine in beeswax and olive oil to make them nice and smooth and water resistant. To make it, you simply melt a bit of beeswax and mix it with an equal part of olive oil. It will cool down and make a polish that you can then apply with a rag and rub off any excess with paper towel. You could also paint them with acrylic paints if you prefer and then coat them with varnish.

15. Once the people are dry you can tuck them in the little pocket and roll them up or you can snap the house together and play!

I hope you enjoy!

Here I go again

I’m pretty sure there’s something wrong with me.  I mean, I can’t even say why it is I’m starting this blog other than the fact that my head is constantly bursting with things that I want to try or do or share and I feel like if I had a place to put them all, maybe I could get it all out of my system.  Or maybe I could inspire others to try things too.  Or they could inspire me.  Actually hopefully not that last one because I absolutely have no more time in my life to want to try more things.  But I still want to.  I need help.

You’re probably wondering who I am, or maybe you’re not, and that’s okay too.  But then it’s a bit confusing that you’re reading this… but I digress…

My name is Kristy.  Like most people I’m a lot of things.  I’m in my 30s, I won’t say where exactly but it’s *slightly* on the higher end.  I work full time doing accounting.  I have two little girls (4 & 7) and my hubby is a teacher.  I also love to create.  I know, I know, accounting and creating don’t exactly go together like play dough and cat hair but there it is.  Mild mannered number cruncher by day, wild quilter by night!

I actually don’t do much quilting anymore.  It’s so time consuming and the materials cost a fortune and once I had two extra quilts for my own bed and one for my oldest daughter (and well, the one I’m making for my younger daughter that’s been in a box for 2 years and I just pulled out last night and had to re-iron ALL over again… sigh) I figure that’s about as much extra bedding as any family needs.  What I actually do the most these days is make dolls.  Strange right?  I have a little home business called Honey Lime Designs.  I started out making baby toys and just evolved into dolls and I still love making them.  But alas, it’s a slow process when you work during the day and you feel compelled to spend time with your family at night.  This means I get most of my crafting done after the kids are in bed as the dishes call out to me from the kitchen and I put the TV on a little louder so I can’t hear them.

I’ve also been known to dabble in a few other hobbies.  Cross-stitching (which I used to be OBSESSED with but have not done much of since having kids and mostly since my husband said they were doing something awful to his walls) needle felting, pottery (not much, I’m taking a class right now and it’s amazingly addictive), knitting, crocheting, drawing, painting (neither of which I’ve  very good at), and I don’t have any of those adult colouring books but I can colour the heck out of a My Little Pony picture with some good ol’ Crayolas.

So you can pretty much expect this blog to be filled with little things that I come across that I think other people ought to like, that might be crafts, tutorials, food ideas, organizing, health and exercise (hahahahhaha…) or whatever is rumbling around in my head at any given time.

This isn’t my first kick at the can, I’ve started and neglected a few blogs in my time.  Hence the title… here she goes again.